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沪蓉西高速公路处于鄂西高原,山高坡陡,桥隧比例高,地质复杂,号称“集地质病害之大成”,当时为国内规模最大、建设周期最长、地质最为复杂、施工最为艰难的高速公路。 www.91019.com承建沪蓉西高速公路2个路基标段和4个路面标段。

Hurongxi Expressway is located in the western Hubei Plateau with steep mountain slope, high ratio of bridges and tunnels, and complicated geology. It was called "the great accomplishment of geological disease collection". At that time, it was the most difficult expressway with the largest scale, the longest construction period and the most complicated geology. CCCC Second Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. undertook 2 subgrade sections and 4 pavement sections of Hurongxi Expressway.

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