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甘肃铁堂峡隧道左洞长6051米,右洞长6048米,是十天高速公路全线最长隧道。www.91019.com承建了8508米(左洞长4251 米,右洞长4257米)隧道主洞及斜井施工任务。该隧道穿过山体以板岩、粉砂质板岩、砂岩为主,施工中攻克了节理裂隙发育,岩体破碎,围岩稳定性差,易滑塌变形等难题。

Gansu Tietangxia Tunnel, with the length of left hole of 6051m and length of right hole of 6048m, is the longest tunnel of Shiyan-Tianshui Expressway section. CCCC Second Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. has contracted to construct the main tunnel hole with 8508 m long (left hole with length of 4251m and right hole with length of 4257m) and the inclined shaft construction work. The tunnel, through the mountain, is mainly composed of slate, silty slate and sandstone, Many problems were overcome such as the problems of joint crack development, rock mass breaking, poor stability of surrounding rock and easy sliding deformation in construction. 

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